About Modiran Ahan Company

Existential Philosophy
As a subsidiary to Modiran Sanate Zayandehrood Holding, Modiranahan Company started its activity in the field of iron and steel in 2006 and in the spring of 2017, by changing its strategy in a new and modern way started its continuous and dynamic activity to better serve organizations, factories, companies, workshops and traditional customers (people). And now it is known as one of the top companies in the country's steel industry. This company is founded on a process management and systematic thinking approach, as a result, all processes work in the same and harmonious way by combining knowledge and experience.

Offering effective consultation as well as supply and transportation of all carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel sections in the shortest possible time and at competitive prices, by eliminating commercial intermediaries and brokers are among the missions of this company. Aforementioned products include all kinds of straight and skein rebars, H-beams and I-beams, all kinds of hot rolled plates, cold Rolled Plates, paint coated plates, galvanized, alloy sheets, as well as all kinds of rectangular tubes and profiles, angles, channels and pipes. This company relies on knowledge and experience of its manpower, both inside and outside the country (exports and imports), which is in line with its mission. We do our best to take an effective step for the growth and prosperity of our beloved homeland.

Over the years, the organization’s board of directors and senior managers have always been determined to lead this private company in the direction of development and excellence, and to make this company that is benefitting from more than 40 experts using the latest communication technology, one of the largest suppliers & service providers in Iran and Asia. Modiranahan Company is one of the most active subsidiaries of Modiran Sanate Zayandehrood Holding. Modiran Sanate Zayandehrood being a capable parent company, with careful management and engineering, has been able to successfully lead its subsidiaries, such as Modiranahan, Modiran Ghate and Karkheh Tarabar Sepahan Transportation Company, in order to fulfill the demands of our country's industrialists at the lowest cost.

Effective Communication
We believe in listening to you. Rest assured that your opinions will be heard and you will be offered the best suggestions in the most accurate and simple way. The team of "Modiranahan" will meet all your needs in order to support your business and achieve the goals that are important to you, by using professional and experienced people.

An Experienced Team With You
One of our distinguished excellences is the presence of professional experts and consultants in the field of major supply of all alloy and steel sections (rebar, sheet, etc.). Modiranahan team provides the best solutions for the growth of your business in the industrial world.

Responsible And Reliable People
Starting a project may be daunting to you, but it is reassuring to have a responsible and trustworthy team aside in the growth of your business. You can be sure of positive results. The team of Modiranahan will be by your side all the time and will meet your needs with hard work to provide high quality products and services that are suitable for your business.

Continuous Progress
Considering the process approach of Modiranahan Company, the current situation is always refined and solutions are presented and followed to eliminate defects and upgrade the strengths of the system. The use of digital facilities and cyberspace can sometimes face problems, in this regard, Modiranahan Company with a continuous improvement approach tries to implement all digital facilities and full use of cyberspace and tries to update its current procedures.

About Modiran Sanate Zayandehrood Holding
Modiran Sanate Zayandehrood Holding was established in 2019 as a reputable institution and committed to providing quality services and products, with the slogan: "Honesty is our credit". This holding is based on a process approach and systematic thinking in order to recognize and meet the needs of large institutions such as refineries, power plants, petrochemicals, steelmakers, mass builders and factories, since one of their problems and concerns is supply of high quality raw materials & industrial parts, without intermediaries. Modiran Sanate Zayandehrood Holding evaluates all these needs and provides them with the help of professional experience, talented and hard-working employees and up-to-date technology.

About Karkheh Tarabar Sepahan
Karkheh Tarabar Transportation Company under the auspices of Modiran Sanate Zayandehrood Holding, registered under No. 27756 in Isfahan with more than 15 years of brilliant experience in domestic and international land transportation, air freight, shipping, freight by train And using a combination of its facilities, experiences and capabilities, has been able to complete all reliable, accurate and economical services of international freight transportation in domestic and transit geography from all ports, docks and production centers.
A major part of the activities of Karkheh Tarabar Transport Company is shipping of domestic products, especially intermediate products. The company, with its determination and will for the development of the economy and industry, has close cooperation with other subsidiaries under the auspices of Modiran Sanate Zayandehrood Holding and at the same time plays an effective role in transporting products of other factories in the country.
Karkheh Tarabar Transport Company, with its commitment to maintaining trusts and fulfilling its promise in loading, sending and unloading goods, has proved to its customers that it does not spare any effort to maintain the company's principles. The principles of Karkheh Tarabar Company are based on customer satisfaction and honesty. Therefore, with macro management of all direct and indirect employees, the company endorses its best efforts to meet the demands of its customers and create an atmosphere of peace of mind from the beginning of the loading process to sending and delivering to cargo owners.